MCIE Services

Our areas of service are:

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Plant Improvement and Retrofits

  • Start-up and Commissioning

  • Engineering Design and General Arrangement Concept

  • Supply of Spare parts

Operation & Maintenance

Our services can be offered to industries involved in the conveying of bulk materials such as coal, cement, fertilizers etc. Our workforce stands at more than 60 skilled manpower technicians who are able to provide 24 hours operation & maintenance services.

With our experience and our plant performance techniques we will ensure the Plant’s flexibility in response to varying levels of demand and ensure reliability to meet contractual commitments, and achieve greater efficiency to control costs.

Our philosophy is to operate on a policy of quality control and a total commitment to customer satisfaction. We have experience in both the daily routine of reliability-centred maintenance and the intensity of operations, planning and management.

Our primary focus will be to partner our clients and provide them with reliable support in the operations and maintenance of their Plant. Whilst maintaining the availability of the equipment and reducing downtime and increasing the overall efficiency and optimizing the long-term value of the Plant by prolonging its life.

This reliable partnership would free our clients to focus on the profitability of their business while leaving the operations and maintenance to MCIE. Our clients can benefit from our team of specialists who are familiar and experienced in the management of the material handling system.

Commissioning and Start Up

Commissioning is a critical part of the overall process of taking a Plant from construction and installation through to full operation. Our experience and familiarity with construction and installation of Bulk Material Handling equipment combined with our expertise and experience in Plant operation and maintenance puts us in a unique position with regard to plant commissioning.

Our team gets very involved in assisting the construction contractors with supervising final cleaning processes, pressure testing, motor and pump testing, cold and hot loop checking etc. We also consult closely with the Plant operating team, coaching new employees with on the job training, working as part of the initial Plant operations team and providing support to the owner during the defects liability period.

Our personnel have been involved in the start up and commissioning of Bulk Material Handling equipment such as ship unloaders at Manjung Power Plant (2000t/ph), Tanjung Bin Power Plant (1800t/ph) and Jimah Power Plant (1800t/ph). Our latest involvement for such services was Enel Power Plant in Rome.


Providing Engineering design, technical proposal and advisory role for the Bulk Material Handling industry.

Providing inspection services for existing Bulk Material Handling system.

Providing Plant improvement and retrofit inspection services for existing Bulk Material Handling system.

Providing technical and commercial proposal for Plant Improvement works.

Providing repair and modifications of equipment.

Providing a comprehensive “Commissioning Report”.

Engineering Services

Supply qualified and competent manpower for the Operation ,Maintenance and Management (O&M ) of Bulk Material Handling system.

Providing competent technical expertise for trouble shooting works.

Providing professional & competent manpower to carry out full survey of existing Plant and producing full comprehensive report.

Providing competent manpower to carry out of site assembly, vulcanising, quality inspection and erection works.

Providing qualified and competent manpower during Cold Commissioning, Hot Commissioning and Performance Acceptance Test works.

Providing qualified and competent manpower to monitor defects and provide rectification during warranty period.

Supply of Spare Parts

Supply and installation of spare parts related to Bulk Material Handling equipment.

Assisting clients in sourcing and procuring of special spare parts.

Warranty Period

Monitoring defects and provide rectification during warranty period.

Providing technical reports during warranty period.